Exciting News: European Shipping Now Available!

Now Accepting Orders from Europe! Shipping Area Expanded!

We're excited to announce that circlelabo now accepts orders from Europe, following our expansion to the United States, Canada, and Taiwan!

For shipments to the United States, we utilize UPS for delivery within approximately 3 days, extending our speedy service from Japan to 12 countries worldwide ✈🌎

International Shipping Rates:

International shipping costs remain consistent regardless of order quantity: ¥5,500 JPY for the United States and Canada, ¥4,000 JPY for Taiwan, and ¥8,000-¥9,000 JPY for Europe.

Sending gifts to your family and friends abroad has never been easier with our hassle-free international shipping ☺

(Please note: Import taxes may apply upon receiving your package. Thank you for your understanding in advance.)

Countries eligible for shipping:

Japan, United States, Canada, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway

We look forward to receiving your orders!