88/2 Double Mercerized Supima Cotton Long Sleeve Interlock Raglan Polo Shirt

Color: Navy

Product Description

Our fabric is crafted from extra-long-staple Supima cotton, undergoing double mercerization during both the yarn and fabric stages for a smooth, silky texture. The sections under the arms feature stretchy contrast fabric for added flexibility. Every detail, including the sewing on the back side, is meticulously planned to ensure maximum comfort when worn.

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100% Cotton
Made in Japan

Size (CM)
Size Body width
Sleeve length (center back) Body length
M 51 cm 81 cm Front 65 cm / Back 70 cm
L 54 cm 83 cm Front 67 cm / Back 72 cm
XL 57 cm 85 cm Front 69 cm / Back 74 cm

Size (Inches)
Size Body width Sleeve length (center back) Body length
M 20.08 in 31.89 in Front 25.59 in / Back 27.56 in
L 21.26 in 32.68 in Front 26.38 in / Back 28.35 in
XL 22.44 in 33.46 in Front 27.17 in / Back 29.13 in


・Machine wash cold gentle cycle
・Do not tumble dry
・Using mesh laundry bag recommended
・Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
・Wash dark colors separately
・Use press cloth





Our polo shirts are designed with extra attention to detail. Instead of the usual overedge stitches at the back of the placket, we have added topstitching to give a more refined finish. We have also meticulously processed the back side of the shirt, which is usually hidden, to achieve a polished appearance. Furthermore, the flat topstitch provides a comfortable feel against the skin, making it perfect for wearing on bare skin.



Using an elastic contrast fabric on the underarms enables easier arm movement. The armpit is not only stitched together with overedge stitching but also held together with additional topstitching, reducing seam contact with the skin.



Side seams

The shirt's sides feature flat felled seams that are topstitched for a comfortable feel against bare skin. Typically, only overedge stitches are used in this area, similar to the placket.


Body hem

Side hem slits with extended back. The design prevents the back from showing even when bending over.



Raglan sleeves with a single piece of fabric connecting the sleeves from the shoulders. Compared to ordinary polo shirts, the arms are easier to move and can be used comfortably for everyday use as well as for exercise.


Thread shank buttons

Each button is carefully root-rolled one by one. The thread shank not only increases the strength of the button but also creates a gap between the button and the fabric, which has the advantage of making the button easier to put on and take off. The buttons used are also made from rare natural shell buttons.


Narrow ribbed collar

This polo shirt features a unique narrow ribbed collar that is only produced in a select few factories in Japan. The collar has a collar stand, which gives it a smooth and elegant look. With its narrow spread, the collar retains its shape even when unbuttoned, achieving the ideal blend of formal and casual. Moreover, when worn, the collar takes on a three-dimensional shape, adding to its polished and sophisticated appearance.


Collar stand

The “collar stand” is a band-shaped part that forms the base of the collar and is an essential detail to make the collar stand up beautifully and three-dimensionally. It allows the polo shirt to be worn in an elegant manner without becoming too sporty.


The best polo shirt to wear with a suit.

It goes well with suit jackets, and even when worn under a jacket, the collar of the polo shirt can be beautifully aligned with the neck. It also prevents the jacket collar from coming into direct contact with the skin and prevents sweat stains. In other words, it is the best polo shirt to wear with a suit.


Extra-long staple fiber Supima cotton

The fabric is made from Supima cotton. This extra-long staple cotton (ELS) is produced only in certain hot and dry regions of the USA and is highly rare, with less than 1% of all cotton grown in the world. High-quality extra-long-staple cotton, which has the longest fibers of any cotton, is approximately 38 mm long, has excellent uniformity and the fibers have a natural twist to them.



The "88/2 Interlock" fabric is created by twisting two 88-count fine yarns and knitting them in a double-knit construction, resulting in identical smoothness on both sides. circlelabo's interlock fabric undergoes a unique mercerization process that applies alkali treatment and tension to the yarns twice - once at the yarn stage and once when they are turned into a fabric. This gives the fabric a smooth feel and a silky sheen, enabling more vivid colors to be expressed.


J∞QUALITY certification

This product has received the J∞QUALITY certification, which indicates that it is a genuine Japanese apparel product, and all dyeing and knitting of the fabric is produced in a Japanese factory certified under J∞QUALITY.


What is J∞QUALITY?

J∞QUALITY certifies that all processes - weaving, knitting, dyeing, sewing, planning, and sales - are carried out in Japan. The products are not only made in Japan but are also safe and secure, as the background of each manufacturing process can be seen as well as the sales process. In order to obtain certification, the products must also have been carefully crafted with refinement and care, with deep commitment and creativity on the part of the makers.

J∞QUALITY, a proof of true Japanese quality, is produced by manufacturers who thoroughly pursue quality and allow no compromise at all, not only in sewing but also in materials and processing.

T2000030 Approved by J∞Q Promotion office.


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