Suvin Gold Cotton Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt

Color: White

Product Description
This fabric is made from extremely rare Suvin Gold cotton, giving it a soft and supple feel. The sewing on the back side has been meticulously planned to guarantee the product's comfort when worn.

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100% Cotton
Made in Japan

The model is H186 B98 W82 H97, wearing size L (Heather gray), XL (White)

Size (CM)
Size ①Shoulder width
②Body width
③Sleeve length ④Body length
M 42 cm 51 cm 24 cm Front 65 cm / Back 70 cm
L 44 cm 54 cm 25 cm Front 67 cm / Back 72 cm
XL 46 cm 57 cm 26 cm Front 69 cm / Back 74 cm

Size (Inches)
Size ①Shoulder width ②Body width ③Sleeve length ④Body length
M 16.54 in 20.08 in 9.45 in Front 25.59 in / Back 27.56 in
L 17.32 in 21.26 in 9.84 in Front 26.38 in / Back 28.35 in
XL 18.11 in 22.44 in 10.24 in Front 27.17 in / Back 29.13 in


・Machine wash cold gentle cycle
・Do not tumble dry
・Using mesh laundry bag recommended
・Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
・Wash dark colors separately
・Use press cloth

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康二 細井




Suvin Gold, a high-grade cotton of Indian origin

Cotton powerhouse India boasts the world's largest cotton production, with cotton with longer fibres being grown from north to south. Tamil Nadu, India's southernmost state, benefits from both the east and west monsoons, enabling the cultivation of Suvin, the highest grade of Indian cotton and a super-long fibre. Suvin is a hybrid of the Sujata variety of Indian cotton and the Vincent variety of Sea Island cotton and boasts one of the world's longest fibre lengths. Only the best quality first and second-plucked Suvin cotton is selected as Suvin Gold. While approximately 25 million tonnes of cotton is harvested annually worldwide, only about 400 tonnes of Suvin Gold is harvested, making it an extremely rare variety.


Careful sorting by hand

Cotton farms in India are not as mechanised as those in the USA, and cotton is carefully picked one by one by traditional manual labour, taking care to avoid mixing dead leaves and other materials other than cotton fibres. The cotton and seeds are then separated by machine and packed. After this painstaking sorting, the Suvin Gold enters the spinning mills in Japan. At the domestic mills, too, machines are used to carefully separate the cotton from the contaminants while unravelling it.


The picture above shows a comparison of the fiber lengths of San Joaquin Valley cotton, Supima cotton, and Suvin Gold respectively. You can see how long the fibers of Suvin Gold are compared to San Joaquin Valley cotton and Supima cotton, which is known as high-quality cotton.


Fabrics with Suvin Gold

Of the Suvin Gold, which originally has very long fibres, only those with fibres above a certain length are selected, and only carefully selected extra-long cotton is processed into yarn and fabrics. The rare extra-long staple fibres of Suvin Gold are not only long and strong, but also very delicate, soft and supple to the touch. It is also characterised by its unique silk-like lustre and moist texture due to its rich oil content. This fabric is truly made from the world's finest super-long-staple cotton.


Neck tape

The self-fabric is normally used for the neck tape around the collar. In this polo shirt, a thicker twill tape made of a different material is used to give a more casual look.




Our polo shirts are designed with extra attention to detail. Instead of the usual overedge stitches at the back of the placket, we have added topstitching to give a more refined finish. We have also meticulously processed the back side of the shirt, which is usually hidden, to achieve a polished appearance. Furthermore, the flat topstitch provides a comfortable feel against the skin, making it perfect for wearing on bare skin.



Side seams

The shirt's sides feature flat felled seams that are topstitched for a comfortable feel against bare skin. Typically, only overedge stitches are used in this area, similar to the placket.


Body hem

Side hem slits with extended back. The design prevents the back from showing even when bending over.


Taped side slits

The back side of the hem slit is also held in place with thick twill tape in the same way as around the neck tape. Not only does this increase the casual appearance, but it also adds durability and prevents the slit from unravelling.


Back yoke

In a departure from the usual design, the back yoke is stitched in two layers, creating a three-dimensional wrap for the body and ensuring a comfortable fit. Additionally, the three-dimensional shoulder component enhances the garment's aesthetic appeal from the back.


Thread shank buttons

Each button is carefully root-rolled one by one. The thread shank not only increases the strength of the button but also creates a gap between the button and the fabric, which has the advantage of making the button easier to put on and take off. The buttons used are also made from rare natural shell buttons.


J∞QUALITY certification

This product has received the J∞QUALITY certification, which indicates that it is a genuine Japanese apparel product, and all dyeing and knitting of the fabric is produced in a Japanese factory certified under J∞QUALITY.


What is J∞QUALITY?

"J∞QUALITY certifies that all processes - weaving, knitting, dyeing, sewing, planning, and sales - are carried out in Japan. The products are not only made in Japan but are also safe and secure, as the background of each manufacturing process can be seen as well as the sales process. In order to obtain certification, the products must also have been carefully crafted with refinement and care, with deep commitment and creativity on the part of the makers.

J∞QUALITY, a proof of true Japanese quality, is produced by manufacturers who thoroughly pursue quality and allow no compromise at all, not only in sewing but also in materials and processing.

T2000030 Approved by J∞Q Promotion office.


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