Loopwheeled French Terry Sea Island Cotton Half Sleeve Crew Neck Tee

Color: Navy

Product Description

We use premium American Sea Island Cotton, which is knitted on rare vintage "loopwheeler" knitting machines that can only produce 1 meter of fabric per hour. The result is a distinctive and irresistibly soft texture, thanks to the plush loopback fleece lining. Plus, our garments maintain their shape and durability even after multiple washes. You won't be able to resist the cozy comfort of these products.

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100% Cotton
Made in Japan

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Size (CM)
Size ①Shoulder width
②Body width
③Sleeve length ④Body length
M 56 cm 57 cm 33 cm 67 cm
L 58 cm 60 cm 34 cm 69 cm
XL 60 cm 63 cm 35 cm 71 cm

Size (Inches)
Size ①Shoulder width ②Body width ③Sleeve length ④Body length
M 22.05 in 22.44 in 12.99 in 26.38 in
L 22.83 in 23.62 in 13.39 in 27.17 in
XL 23.62 in 24.80 in 13.78 in 27.95 in


・Machine wash cold gentle cycle
・Do not tumble dry
・Using mesh laundry bag recommended
・Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
・Wash dark colors separately
・Use press cloth


Sweatshirt with a fluffy, gentle fit created by Sea Island cotton and loopwheelers.

Sea Island cotton is the highest quality cotton known as the "jewel of fibers" and the "miracle cotton". This product is made by knitting American Sea Island cotton yarns on a rare vintage knitting machine that can only knit 1 meter per hour, resulting in the shirt that is both fluffy and gentle to wear, and durable enough not to lose its shape after washing.


Sea Island cotton, considered the highest quality cotton.

Sea Island cotton is the source of all extra-long staple cotton (ELS) as all the world's extra-long staple cotton (Pima, Giza, Suvin, Xinjiang, etc.) is descended from Sea Island cotton. Smooth and soft like cashmere. It has a silky, lustrous, and elegant sheen, and exhibits a fluffier and softer taste than any other cotton, with outstanding moisture absorption properties.


American Sea Island Cotton (LUXSIC)

The "Sea Island cotton" was named after the cotton grown in the 18th century when the West Indian Gossypium barbadense ("cotton encountered in Barbados") was brought to the Sea Islands, off the coast of South Carolina in the USA. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, Sea Island cotton cultivation in the USA disappeared due to pest damage. One hundred years later, thanks to advances in agricultural technology and the passion of technicians, American Sea Island Cotton (LUXSIC) was revived, inheriting the DNA of those days. This material, which is used by many prestigious brands, has been adopted for this product.


A loopwheeler that can only knit one meter per hour.

A loopwheeler is an ancient type of knitting machine that can knit only about 1 meter per hour; it is said to have been developed in France around 1816, but nowadays loopwheelers are few and far between worldwide, and in Japan, only a few factories in Wakayama Prefecture operate them.


Loopwheeled fabric characteristics

The yarn is knitted slowly and carefully on a loopwheeler, leaving a generous amount of space in the knit so that the yarn is not overloaded, and the soft texture of the yarn itself can be made into a fabric without damaging it. This gives the fabric an exquisite volume as if it were knitted with air, and it is soft and firm, with little shrinkage after washing, so it hardly loses its shape.


*The left image shows the loopwheeled loopback fleece used for this product, while the right is the typical lining. The inside is not brushed but is lined with cotton loops, which are highly moisture absorbent and can be worn all year round.


Even the backside has been taken care of.

The seam allowances on the sides, under the sleeves, and shoulders have been covered with tape to enhance comfort, durability, and appearance. Furthermore, the backside has also been meticulously finished, despite being typically concealed.


This garment boasts a sleek silhouette with ribbing that is not too tight.

The hem ribbing measures around 9.5 cm and remains firm even after several washes. It is also made to avoid bunching up around the stomach, preventing the garment from sagging.


The loopback fleece lining is pleasant-to-the-skin.

The lining is made of soft, comfortable loopback fleece that resembles French terry fabric. It provides a gentle and snug fit around the body, and can be worn for extended periods of time throughout various seasons.


A label woven into the hem confirms the usage of "LUXSIC American Sea Island Cotton."


A simple and timeless design that showcases the high quality of the materials used.

By eliminating any unnecessary elements, this design can be enjoyed for many years to come as a personal staple. It is not influenced by current trends and will remain a classic choice.


Gifts for your loved ones...

At circlelabo, we provide gift-wrapping services for your special occasions. To have your purchase beautifully wrapped, simply specify your request in the 'Order notes' section at the cart checkout.

*Please note that due to the thickness of the Sea Island cotton series, we'll deliver these items in a gift bag rather than a gift box. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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