WHOLEGARMENT® Pure Cashmere Raglan Crew Neck Sweater

Color: Dark olive

Product Description
Cashmere, renowned for its diverse goat breeds based on their habitats, showcases various colors and traits in their undercoat. Over time, crossbreeding has refined the breed by introducing new varieties to the local pastoralist-bred cashmere goats, yet the original breed endures. A standout feature of the raw material from this original breed lies in its substantial nature, boasting a fiber fineness of 16.8 microns, slightly thicker than the standard 15.5 microns.

At circlelabo, we harness Toyoboshi's SAPNAA yarn, leveraging the distinctive traits of the original species. This yarn not only embodies the hallmark softness and silkiness of cashmere but also infuses a relaxed, whimsical bulkiness to our crew-neck sweater, crafting a ruggedly luxurious presence.

*This product will be shipped in 1-2 business days from the order.

100% Cashmere
Made in Japan.

*The model is 178 cm (5'10"), 66 kg (145 lbs), wearing size L.

Size ①Body width ②Bottom width ③Sleeve length (center back) ④Body length
M 55cm 47cm 81.5cm 67cm
L 58cm 50cm 83.5cm 70cm
XL 61cm 53cm 85.5cm 73cm

Size (Inches)
Size ①Body width ②Bottom width ③Sleeve length (center back) ④Body length
M 21.65 in 18.50 in 32.09 in 26.38 in
L 22.83 in 19.69 in 32.87 in 27.56 in
XL 24.02 in 20.87 in 33.66 in 28.74 in


Cashmere is a delicate fiber that, if not properly cared for, can lead to problems such as moth bites and pilling. Daily care and regular end-of-season care will help preserve the original texture and luster of cashmere.

Here are some tips on how to care for it.
・After wearing, let it rest for 1 to 2 days.
・After wearing, lightly brush to remove dust.
・Don't forget insect repellent at the end of the season.


Our cashmere sweaters feature yarn spun from the original breed of cashmere goats.

Over time, while crossbreeding has refined the cashmere breed, the original lineage persists. This breed's raw material stands out for its natural bulkiness, boasting a fiber fineness of 16.8 microns—slightly thicker than the typical 15.5 microns.


At circlelabo, we utilize Toyoboshi's yarn SAPNAA, leveraging the distinct qualities of this original breed. Alongside the hallmark softness and smoothness of cashmere, this yarn introduces a casual and playful bulkiness, lending our sweaters a rich and distinctive presence.


Our products are created through the innovative WHOLEGARMENT® process.

WHOLEGARMENT® represents a seamless knitting technique where the entire garment is intricately knitted directly from the knitting machine, maintaining a three-dimensional structure. This approach results in a stunning silhouette and an exceptionally comfortable fit. The absence of seams eliminates stiffness, providing a stress-free and natural fit that enhances wearability.


Gifts for your loved ones...

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(*For international orders, please note that we'll use gift bags rather than gift boxes. Thank you in advance for your understanding.)

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