Baby Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Color: Navy

Product Description

We source cashmere from the eastern region of Inner Mongolia, renowned for its high-quality production. Additionally, we utilize rare baby cashmere, harvested at only about 10 grams per head. This exquisite material offers a sensation akin to angel wings and the comforting warmth of nature, providing unparalleled comfort.

*This product will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days from the date of order.

100% Cashmere
Made in Japan

*Baby cashmere sweaters are delivered in a special Kiri Paulownia wooden box. Please note that gift wrapping is not available for this product.

*The model's measurements: Height 186 cm, Chest 98 cm, Waist 82 cm, Hip 97 cm. Wearing size XL (Navy).
In feet for our U.S. customers: Height 6'1", Chest 3'3", Waist 2'8", Hip 3'2".

Size (CM)
Size ①Shoulder width
②Body width
③Sleeve length ④Body length
M 44 cm 50 cm 57 cm 65 cm
L 46 cm 54 cm 58 cm 67.5 cm
XL 48 cm 58 cm 59 cm 70 cm

Size (Inches)
Size ①Shoulder width ②Body width ③Sleeve length ④Body length
M 17.32 in 19.69 in 22.44 in 25.59 in
L 18.11 in 21.26 in 22.83 in 26.57 in
XL 18.90 in 22.83 in 23.23 in 27.56 in


Cashmere is a delicate fiber, and neglecting proper care can lead to issues such as moth damage and pilling. Regular maintenance, both in your daily routine and at the end of the season, can help prolong its original texture and sheen.

Here are some care tips:
・Allow your cashmere sweater to rest for 1-2 days between wears.
・After wearing, gently brush the sweater to remove dust and lint.
・Don't forget to use moth repellents at the end of the season.


"Baby cashmere", nature's jewel of fibers

Baby cashmere is a specially conditioned cashmere from the first lambing of a cashmere goat less than 12 months old. Baby cashmere is the most luxurious of all cashmere fibres, with a more exceptional texture, feel and unique atmosphere than normal cashmere.


Made from the highest quality baby cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

The baby cashmere supplied by circlelabo is made from baby cashmere sourced from eastern Inner Mongolia. The early arrival of spring and late arrival of winter in the large Inner Mongolia region is said to be the most suitable for collecting baby cashmere.


Baby cashmere is the rarest material in cashmere, being supplied to only a few companies in the world. The products we offer are made using materials from one of these companies, Toyoboshi Kogyo.


Extreme texture.

The fibres of baby cashmere are much finer than those of ordinary wool, making it suppler and less prickly on the skin. In addition, the oils and fats contained in the natural fibres cover the surface of the fibres and give cashmere its unique smooth texture. No scientific softeners or other products that differ from the natural texture are used, and the cashmere fibres are delicately processed so as not to damage them, thus succeeding in creating a natural texture.


The texture is created by craftsmen.

The process of 'knitting' in the sweater-making process has now been completely industrialised with the development of computerised knitting machines. On the other hand, in addition to numerical standards such as size and gauge, there are other unquantifiable sensory concepts such as 'texture' and 'comfort' in the garment. These can be controlled not by machines but by the hands of skilled craftsmen. Skilled craftsmen are present at each stage of the production process, and each operation is carried out by their own hands.


Lightweight, but keeps you warm forever.

Cashmere fibres are very fine, resulting in a yarn bound together by many fibres. The intricate, well-twined cashmere threads hold in a lot of air, which acts like a double sash window, blocking out the outside air and reducing heat dissipation. The cuticle structure on the surface of the fibres opens and closes to take in and expel moisture from the air, regulating it to maintain a comfortable level of humidity.


Make it your own classic piece of clothing.

Sweaters made from the finest baby cashmere have a high level of warmth from the firm texture and are comfortable to wear. The timeless design, which is not influenced by fashion trends, is a piece that you will love for many years as your own personal staple.


For long-lasting use...

All baby cashmere sweaters are delivered in a special Kiri Paulownia wooden box. The paulownia box protects the garment from moisture and insects. It is our wish that you will use your precious products for many years to come. It is an ideal gift for yourself and for your loved ones.


J∞QUALITY certification

This product has received the J∞QUALITY certification, which indicates that it is a genuine Japanese apparel product, and all dyeing and knitting of the fabric is produced in a Japanese factory certified under J∞QUALITY.


What is J∞QUALITY?

J∞QUALITY certifies that all processes - weaving, knitting, dyeing, sewing, planning, and sales - are carried out in Japan. The products are not only made in Japan but are also safe and secure, as the background of each manufacturing process can be seen as well as the sales process. In order to obtain certification, the products must also have been carefully crafted with refinement and care, with deep commitment and creativity on the part of the makers.

J∞QUALITY, a proof of true Japanese quality, is produced by manufacturers who thoroughly pursue quality and allow no compromise at all, not only in sewing but also in materials and processing.

T2000030 Approved by J∞Q Promotion office.

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